SOLD OUT - 3OH!3 and EMO NITE - The WANT House Party Tour

SOLD OUT - 3OH!3 and EMO NITE - The WANT House Party Tour

Wed · October 31, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 1:30 am)

$25 Advance / $30 Day of Show

Sold Out

This event is 16 and over

Support from: Lil Aaron

Where were you ten years ago? Go ahead, think about it.
Maybe you were flat-ironing your hair, listening to your Zune while your step-brother
banged on the bathroom door, screaming about how you’d been in there all day. Maybe you
were Febreeze-ing your parents’ basement hoping they wouldn’t notice the smell of stale weed
and Jägermeister puke from the party you threw the night before. Maybe you were getting
gains at the gym, squatting for that PR (Personal Record) while your bro Chad yelled
encouraging obscenities in your face. Or maybe, like me, you were the designated laptop-DJ
for a house party, hoping you could change Kristie’s boring potluck into an all-out rager.
Even if you weren’t doing anything remotely like these in 2008, I’m willing to bet you
were still listening to 3OH!3.
That’s right: ten years ago​ 3OH!3 burst onto the scene Kool-Aid Man-style and blasted
the world’s eardrums with a brand new sound. The duo, fresh out of school (one foregoing
medical school and the other forgoing a promising career as a bike-sandwich-delivery-guy)
released their first single, “Don’t Trust Me” in June of 2008. The record found its way into the
nation’s heart like bacon grease; blending undeniable synth magic with a tongue-in-cheek,
extremely catchy hook. This is the song that had an entire generation of youth screaming,
“Tell your boyfriend/If he says he’s got beef/That I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t f****** scared of
Like wildfire, “Don’t Trust Me” climbed the charts for 15 months before topping the
Pop radio charts at Number One.
“We were okay with the idea of being one hit wonders,” laughs Sean Foreman, one half
of the dynamic duo. “That means one more hit than most acts.”
And that might have been the case, if not for 3OH!3’s friendship with Katy Perry.
During one of 3OH!3’s infamous sets, she stage-dove, crowd surfed, and helped make Warped
Tour history. (Go ahead, YouTube it!) “She was a fan,” Nathaniel Motte, the taller half of
3OH!3, explains. “We knew from that day that we’d make something great together.”
That “something great” was the whistle-laden pop hit “Starstrukk,” a song that thrust
3OH!3 into international stardom. “It was insane,” Sean muses. “That summer we’d be flying
to London for press and flying back to the States that same day to make the next show. We felt
like The Beatles- but, like, back-of-the-plane-middle-seats-next-to-the-bathroom instead of first
class. So, maybe we were more like The Cockroaches.”
Thankfully, “Starstrukk” landed more successfully than Sean’s joke, pushing 3OH!3 in
the Top Five ​on Pop charts around the world. Their album Want was a bonafide hit, going
Gold​ in an era of pirating and before streaming metrics.
“To this day, every show we play we get requests for songs from that album,” Nathaniel
says. “We try to play a ‘3OH!3 Greatest Hits’ for all of our shows... so we basically just play
Want.” And for good reason. Fans are rabid for that inaugural album. “I drove all the way
from Austin for this show,” fan Ariselli says, shivering in the snow outside will-call at a venue in
Denver. “I’ve been such a fan for so many years. Want changed my life! I love these guys.”
But 3OH!3 didn’t stop at Want. In 2009, they recorded “My First Kiss” featuring Ke$ha.
(Yes, this is back when she still had the dollar sign.) When the single was released the next

year, The New York Post deemed it “one of the catchiest songs of 2010.” The first single off
the album Streets of Gold, it kept the Colorado duo on the road as it climbed the charts. The
song hit Top Ten internationally and went Platinum in the US.
So, beyond touring, where else has 3OH!3 been the last decade? Nathaniel explains.
“We’ve put out some albums we’re very proud of: Omens in 2012; and, more recently,
Night Sports in 2016,” he says. “We started doing this for fun and for our fans, and these
subsequent albums are a full-circle return to just rocking the party and having fun.”
2018 finds Sean and Nathaniel just as enthusiastic about shows and touring as they ever
have been. One thing is for certain: the duo still loves grabbing a mic and going wild on stage.
When they aren’t performing, the two can be found in the studio, exploring the world of
songwriting and producing.
“We’ve really jumped into working with other artists and producers, writing for their
projects. It’s really invigorating- honestly, it’s the best way to hone our craft and progress our
own stuff,” Sean says. And, as with their own music, it’s hard to argue that the two have been
anything but successful in the world of production and songwriting.
Sean, has penned hits for and written with A-listers such as Ariana Grande, Fitz and The
Tantrums, Lil Jon, Katy Perry, Kesha, and Two Door Cinema Club, to name a few. Sean says, “I
love writing for other people and having that moment where they say ‘Oh, no, that’s too
bold- I can’t do that lyric,’ and I get to be like, ‘Awesome, then that can be a 3OH!3 song,’”
Nathaniel has had his own sucess working for other artists, recently co-wrting and
producing MAX’s hit record “Lights Down Low,” the longest-running song at US Top-40 radio
of 2017. In addition, he’s written and produced songs for Maroon 5 (“Love Somebody”),
Kaskade (“Disarm You”), and The Lonely Island (“Should I Move.”) Nathaniel says, “I love
working for other artists - it’s the perfect way to counterbalance our own artistry as 3OH!3. We
get to help other artists and other projects have fun, and that’s a really rewarding feeling.”
Success hasn’t made the duo complacent, however.
“We’ve still got a lot up our sleeves,” Sean notes. “Songwriting is so different from
being an artist because, as a songwriter, you don’t get to pick and pull the trigger with some of
the stuff you make, even when you’re all about it. But when you’re an artist and writing your
own music, you can constantly keep pushing and making great stuff that you can give directly
to your fans. There’s so much new 3OH!3 content we have waiting in the wings, and we can’t
wait to have see the light of day.”
So, maybe instead of asking, “Where were you ten years ago?” the real question is:
“Where are you now?”
There’s arguably no better answer than this: being at a 3OH!3 show in 2018, losing your
mind in the crowd, reminiscing, and letting loose with Colorado’s best boys. Stay glued to
3OH!3’s online accounts and socials for BIG​ anniversary news.
Lil Aaron
Lil Aaron
Rapper and songwriter from Indiana, now living in Los Angeles.
Venue Information:
Aggie Theatre
204 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO, 80524